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Mat Velvet and Charlie Show logo
Dominique Major and Martin Varallo - Mat Velvet and Charlie performing at the World Busker Festival in Christchurch, New Zealnad, 2008
Mat and Charlie in Edmonton Dominique Major performing a coin spin in her German Wheel Dominique Major as Charlie Martin Varallo as Mat Velvet getting into the zone Dominique Major German Wheel

MatVelvet and Cahrlie Show... I have a cape

Shockingly funny and astoundingly skilful, Mat Velvet, star and wheel god, selflessly shares his talent with you.

Monsieur Velvet sports a superb moustache, oozes charisma, and has a little tag along... for the sake of ease lets call him Charlie. Mat, smooth as Velvet, tolerates a small, eager, and annoying wannabe with a huge secret.

This original blend offers an astounding display of acrobatic prowess wrapped in a hilarious crinkly wrapper with a stunning twist at the end.

Mat velvet is Martin Varallo and Dominique Major is Charlie and herself...

Dominique is one of the few female German Wheel artists in the world. Martin isn't. 
Dominique is beautiful and Martin... well you know.

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Where's my Blimp?

Martin and Dominique come together with 25 years experience to create a show with the perfect balance of Skill and British comedy.

Martin Varallo
Co founder and partner in Stretch People, UK comedy duo who have created infamous acts and shows which won plaudits world wide. He has created theatre shows, duo acts, group numbers and is enjoying great success with his solo act "15 - Love" an audience participation act based on a simple game of tennis. He has toured this with Cirque du Soleil and many private functions and galas.

Dominique Major
With a background in international trampoline and acrobatics she has opened her own Circus School and has created numerous award winning trampoline and hand to hand acts. She has been performing the German Wheel for the last 5 years world wide and most recently with Cirque Du Soleil.

A husband and wife team, both have toured the world extensively performing at the most exclusive venues, festivals and galas. They have recently toured with Cirque Du Soleil and have opened North America's first Gymnastic Wheel club. "Sur Sauts" in their home town of Morin heights, Quebec.

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Martin Varallo performing with Cirque Du Soleil on board Celebrity Cruise Ship the Constellation

Martin Varallo performing with Cirque Du Soleil and Celebrity Cruises.

Martin Varallo world class MC in Montreal

Martin Varallo as the MC at the NWSCAS & IEEE Conference, Montreal 2007.

Dominique Major performing in Cirque Du Soleil with Celebrity Cruises

Dominique Major peforming her wheel routine with Cirque Du Soleil and Celebrity Cruises.

Dominique Major German wheel female duo - Chicago

Dominique Major performing as part of her Duo female wheel routine, Chicago.

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